Transform Your Loft into Safe, Spacious Storage with the UK’s Leading Loft Boarding Experts

Victorian Insulation installs a wide range of top-quality loft boarding systems, Loft Ladders, Loft Hatches and Loft Insulation at affordable prices. Maximise your storage space efficiently with our superior loft boarding solutions. 

  • Fast, Free Survey
  • No Subcontracting Or Franchising
  • Add more storage space to your house
  • Our raised loft boarding systems  WON’T VOID your new-build warranty.
  • 10 year guarantee*
  • We’ll design for free
  • NVQ Qualified Project Manager’s Initial Survey
  • Loft flooring including Award-Winning Patented Raised Loft Boarding System for new build or traditional properties
  • More Loft Boarding options with affordable packages
  • Convert your dangerous loft into a spacious, bright and safe storage area
  • Get your loft boarded within one day**

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    About Us

    Different Loft Boarding Options and Individual Requirements

    We are the leading Loft Boarding, Loft Ladders, Loft Hatches and Loft Insulation installer in the loft work industry including award-winning patented Loft Flooring system. You have come to the right site if you are seeking the best Loft flooring options for your property as we install industry most of the Loft boarding systems and Loft insulation materials which means you have many options to choose from based on your requirements and budget.

    We are a UK-based company that prides itself on giving a high-quality, trustworthy Loft experience to you. Victorian Loft Boarding Specialists do not use any subcontractors or any franchise companies which means we treat each task with the highest care and precision.

    We’re always exploring and creating products that save energy, improve airflow, and enhance loft spaces. Our deep understanding of ventilation and insulation means we offer solutions that are not only effective but also tailored to your needs.

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    Why Choose Victorian Insulation?

    At Victorian Insulation, we understand that transforming your loft is not just about adding space; it’s about enhancing your home’s comfort, usefulness, and value. That’s why many homeowners choose us for loft boarding, trusting our expertise to provide practical and valuable solutions for their homes.

    Quality Service with Many Options: We have a qualified skilled team who will guild you through the whole process and give you the best solutions. We offer wide range of Loft Flooring systems ,Many Loft Insulation Materials, easy use loft ladders, Loft hatches, Loft Lining solutions. We offer Loft boarding for New build houses and also traditional properties.

    Customer-Focused Service: At Victorian Insulation, customer satisfaction is our cornerstone. From the initial consultation to the final touches, our team ensures a seamless, transparent, and congenial service. We listen, we comprehend, and we exceed expectations.

    Accredited Installers: At Victorian Insulation, We are fully insured and qualified to provide Loft Services and also our team been accredited by industry approved certification bodies.

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    We Are:

    Fully insured.
    Our standards are up to date.

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    Years Guarantee*

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    Complete Projects


    Expert Loft Boarding and Insulation Services

    At Victorian Insulation, we offer a wide range of loft boarding services, carefully designed to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations. Our solutions include:

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    Loft Boarding

    Choose the perfect loft boarding system from our extensive selection, customised to suit any property type and insulation requirement.

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    Loft Ladder Installation

    Ensure safe and effortless access to your loft with our variety of loft ladders. Whether you prefer the sleekness of aluminium or the classic touch of wood, our ladders integrate flawlessly with your home’s decor.

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    Loft Insulation Service Icon
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    Loft Insulation

    Enhance your home’s energy efficiency with our top-tier loft insulation services, ensuring warmth and comfort while reducing energy costs.

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    Loft Hatches

    Upgrade your loft access with our bespoke loft hatches, marrying elegance and practicality for a smooth transition.

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    Loft Balustrades & Grab Rails
    Loft Balustrades & Grab Rails

    Balustrades & Grab Rails

    Crafted for both strength and style, our balustrades and grab rails offer essential support and reassurance with every step.

    Read More

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    Loft Lighting And Shelving

    Loft Lighting And Shelving

    Brighten and organise your loft space with our tailored lighting and shelving solutions, converting it into a functional, well-lit storage area.

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    Professional Loft Boarding Solutions by Loft Boarding Specialist

    The current standard for loft insulation in homes is a thickness of 270 mm. Installing loft boards directly onto the joists isn’t ideal, as it typically compresses the insulation to about 100 mm due to the standard joist height. At Victorian Insulation, we understand the importance of proper loft boarding. That’s why we offer top-notch loft flooring services across most of the UK, featuring an advanced raised loft boarding system. This system not only meets the latest insulation standards by maintaining the full 270 mm thickness but also ensures your insulation isn’t compromised, keeping your loft well-insulated and efficient.

    Loft Boarding for New Builds

    Recognising the unique demands of new construction, we offer specialised loft boarding solutions for new builds. Acknowledging the standard loft insulation thickness of up to 350mm in contemporary constructions, our raised loft flooring is meticulously engineered to align with this specification. This ensures that your new build’s storage space is both efficient and adheres to the latest insulation standards, optimising both space and energy efficiency.

    Comprehensive Loft Boarding for Every Property

    As the top loft boarding installer in the UK, Victorian Insulation specialises in custom loft boarding services for every kind of property. Whether you’re updating your current loft or fitting a new system in a new build, our skilled team ensures safety and practicality. Our dedication to quality has transformed many lofts and earned us a strong reputation for outstanding customer service. If you need a dependable way to increase your loft’s storage space, get in touch for a personalised quote that fits your specific needs.

    Raised Loft Boarding information sheet


    Victorian Insulation Blogs

    Welcome to the Victorian Insulation Blog – your ultimate resource for all things loft-related. Dive into our expertly curated content, where we share insights, tips, and trends to help you make the most of your loft space. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:


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    Customer Reviews

    At Victorian Insulation, customer satisfaction is our ultimate aim & goal. See what Victorian Insulation customers have to say about the Loft Services that we provided for them.

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    Why Choose a
    Victorian Loft Specialist

    We not only provide the loft installation service but also we are constantly researching and designing loft hatches and boarding systems to keep up with the latest technology. Therefore, we become a high-stranded loft boarding service provider in the UK. In addition to that we provide high standard loft hatch fitting service and loft ladder installation in the UK’s most geographical areas. We also worked with the government to install their energy-saving product which means we are an approved installer for insulation measures, including loft insulation.

    All our fitters are well trained and experienced in their field, with a vast knowledge of the latest industry standards. We are constantly using the latest and best loft boarding systems in the market. We always work to find the most suitable system for your loft. We only use Raised Loft Boardings as this is the only system suitable for loft insulation with 270mm thickness – which is the latest loft insulation standard. As our loft insulation fitting services are approved and the latest government standard

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