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How to choose latest standard and most suitable loft boarding system

How to choose latest standard and most suitable loft boarding system

Purpose of boarding your loft

When someone bought the new house most of the them gets done loft boarding and some people convert it as a long term  project. Most of the newly build property owners gets loft boarding before they move to the property. As you know someone  move to the property they are looking for more storage space but can not find. Standard properties have the same issue such as some home owners difficult to find enough storage space.

Some  of the property owners getting  loft boarded as a hobby room, kids may want to little play area or sometimes they need something more than storage.

Please note: loft boarding system is not a initial stage of loft conversion. Most of the loft boarding systems are design for storage purpose. Expertise recommended only 25kg per square meter as a permanent storage and person up to 180kg can walk in it as temporary basis.

If some one need more than above they need to consult with structural engineer about it to find most suitable  loft boarding system for their needs.

Type of loft boarding system and its negative and positive impact.

We can explain 3 type of loft boarding systems in here. (there are more than 3 type of loft boarding systems in the market. Most of them will fall in to one of those categories).

  1. Wood beam loft boarding system
  2. loft leg loft boarding system
  3. Loft boarding system of loft zone

Before we discuss about any of loft boarding systems we want to explain about loft insulation and its basic standards.

Loft Insulation

Loft insulation

is one of key important factor in the loft and it has standard for insulation thickness which has been significantly changed over the period. Latest standard of loft insulation is 270mm for domestic properties. New build properties may have up to 270mm -400mm thickness of loft insulation. Usually standard properties or older properties may has loft insulation 100mm, 50mm, 25mm. Sometimes  no insulation at all.


  What is Raised loft boarding system  

The raised loft boarding system is the system required with latest standards of loft insulation. Raising your loft floor over insulation is the raised loft boarding. There are many type of raised loft boarding systems in the industry but always need to make sure your floor raised over the insulation. Normally properly insulated standard and old houses  insulation height is 270mm but some of the new build houses insulation thickness is around 350mm -400mm. In the industry, there are different height of loft boarding systems and we need to choose correct loft boarding system to go over the existing loft insulation.

Example :

We can choose loft leg system as a our loft boarding system for standard property with 100mm joist height and 270mm loft insulation. in this scenario we can use 175mm loft leg system for our loft boarding.

New build house owner  with 350mm loft insulation and 100mm joist height, 175mm loft leg system not suitable for our loft boarding system we need to choose next available loft boarding system which is 300mm loft leg loft boarding system.

  1. wood beam loft boarding system

Wooden beam loft boarding system slightly old system and most of the wooden beam systems does not come with latest loft insulation standard. Usually it comes with 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, 125mm wood beams. As most of the properties has approximately 100mm joist and we need more than 170mm height system to achieve 270mm thickness of latest standard loft insulation.

Furthermore, having a wood beam loft boarding system sometimes air flow will be restricted. Thicker insulation makes more savings for the property and lower the insulation will be more energy to the maintain the property. Also air flow restriction may lead to condensation issues in long term or short term. Usually wooden beam loft boarding system use 25mm, 50mm, 100mm beams so when come to the pipes for plumbing make more restricted or difficulties to install loft boarding system.

Other Factors:

Wooden beam loft boarding systems, if install may win with head height. When come to the very low pitch lower the height make more easier to access or walk on it. In addition, wood beam loft boarding systems make installation much more faster than other systems. Furthermore, wooden loft boarding system is most cost effective system to install  when compering to other loft boarding systems in the industry.

  1. loft leg loft boarding system

loft leg is the one of the one of the industry leading loft boarding system designed and independently tested for latest standard achieve UK government recommended insulation height and have storage in their lofts. Furthermore, it is the one of the first products has become the industry standard and this product manufactured in UK by using 100% recycled material.

Loft leg system can use most of the loft boarding systems in new build house. Furthermore, standers and old preparties may able to loft leg loft boarding systems for there properties.

Loft leg loft boarding system has 2 sizes when come to there raised legs. 1 one is a loft leg with 175mm height more suitable for standard and old property loft boarding in 270mm thickness loft insulation. In addition, they got a 300mm loft legs xl system mainly suitable for new build loft boarding systems with 350mm and 400mm loft insulation thickness.

Those are suitable for raised loft boarding system for standard old and some of the new build properties. Moreover, loft leg company website evidencing those 175mm hight loft legs may hold up to 500kg and loft leg xl system legs may hold up to 1000kg however, they do not change the load bearing characteristics of a loft.

British Standards

BS6399-1:1996 for new build homes installed with a loft hatch require trusses to be designed to carry a 25Kg per square metre storage load plus the temporary load of a person moving around in the loft. Some homes may have been designed to exceed this but if you want to exceed 25Kg per square metre we would recommend consulting a structural engineer. (

Standard, old and new build all the type of lofts  may suitable for loftzone system. Your property has very low roof then head height may be the issue. More recommended for standard properties but this also suitable for new build properties. For a new build property we more recommended to use 2.4m*0.6m loft boards than 1.2m*0.32m.

  1. loft Zone Loft boarding system

Award-winning raised loft floor that provides loft storage and safe access above the full depth of loft insulation. Suitable for both traditional and new buildings, it is the only loft boarding product available with the necessary industry certification, and it won’t invalidate warranties for a new build house  .

Store floor of LoftZone  can hold up to an impressive 500kg’s per square meter due to its Tri and Uni supports made from extremely strong engineering grade plastic. The sub-frame creates a very strong and safe platform that easily surpasses the British Standard 6399-1:1996 for minimum floor load requirements .

This loft boarding system suitable for new buildings and traditional buildings including cut, purlin and truss-roofed types.  BBA approved ( British board of agreement approval certificate) this loft boarding system suitable for commercial or domestic buildings in UK.

The Loft zone loft boarding system give you more strength on loft boarding as a system.  it has a ventilation gap for air circulation keep under the boards and inside the loft space. System of  loft boarding  can install bit quickly but not quicker as wood beam loft boarding system. Price is bit higher when comparing to other loft boarding system like wood beam loft boarding system and loft leg loft boarding system.

Comparison of the all loft boarding or loft flooring systems

[visualizer id=”2253″]

Conclusion about all loft boarding and raised loft boarding systems

Air circulation:

when come to air circulation wood beam loft flooring system may give you restriction comparing to other system. Furthermore, it may develop the condensation in long term. Victorian insulation can confirm loft zone loft boarding system and loft leg loft flooring systems does not have any air circulation issues if loft flooring system has installed properly.

Head height:

wooden beam loft flooring system is the most suitable system for head height as it  can install with different height of wood beam example: 25mm, 50mm, 100mm etc and achieve most suitable system for you roof height. However, loft leg loft flooring system and loft zone loft flooring systems as one or two standard sizes so those has more restrictions when come to head height.

Installation time:

wooden beam loft boarding system and loft zone loft flooring systems are faster to install than bout of loft leg system.


wooden loft flooring does not have any certification or approvals as it is traditional old method of loft boarding. loft zone loft boarding system has BBA approved certificate and only the approved system at the moment for loft boarding. loft leg loft flooring system has been tested independently.

Suitability for new buildings:

wooden loft flooring system not suitable for new build. However, loft leg and loft zone raised loft boarding systems are suitable for new build properties.

Cost of installation:

loft beam loft flooring system is the most cost effective loft boarding system. Moreover, loft zone loft flooring system most expensive system. Inanition, loft leg raised loft flooring system is the average loft boarding system.


Wood beam loft flooring system is the most cost effective system when come to initial installation. Not enough standard insulation means  you may lose more heating and pay more fuel bills. In addition, it may give you condensation issues in long term. If you decide to go with wooden loft flooring system recommend you to keep lower insulation. Make sure to install the insulation should not touch loft flooring boards.

However, loft zone raised loft boarding system and loft leg raised loft boarding systems are the most suitable and latest standard raised loft boarding systems. Latest insulation standards depend on loft insulation thickness. Best and most suitable loft flooring system for new build properties could be loft zone system  as it has BBA approval. According to the latest standard, loft Zone and Loft leg Raised loft boarding systems are suitable for traditional or new build properties as a raised loft boarding system.

Loft Boarding Packages


Loft Boarding packages

We have a range of  boarding packages that offer you the best storage space and the best value for money. Flooring your loft certainly more value is added to the house. Loft boarding can increase the floor space in your home by up to 50%  then it definitely increases the selling value of property too.

Every homeowner has different storage needs. If someone need to store few boxes so they do not need to board out the entire loft. Loft is ideal Place to store your summer/ winter items, Christmas decorations, your hobby items but  need to remember that your stuff is very easy to double triple by sooner.  We can do whatever you required by customising individual packages from our various options. Proper boarding system does not damage your property and it won’t void your new build warranty too. New build loft flooring packages designed based on not to void your new build warranty.

Few things to point out:

Having  boarding installed for storage does not required planning permission. Installation of loft insulation, fixing a ladder and fixing a roof window are also the same. Planning permission is required for large scale project or if you are looking to convert your loft space for living space.  anyone thinking to use the newly flooring loft as a playroom, it is strictly not suitable for use as a playroom. Existing loft insulation should not replacing for a long time. Victorian packages can customise at any time based on your needs. Our friendly and qualified assessor will assess your property.  Assessors generate  accurate and clear advice on available options and also will highlight the best suitable one for your property,

One of our package option:

Just for  £579/- including Raised floor loft boarding system

18mm loft boarding

A bright extra long pull string light

3 or 2 section aluminium ladder

Operating Pole for Ladder

Ventilation check and advice

Health and safety advice signs

10 years guarantee

other services

Balustrades & Grab Rails



loft clearance and cleaning


Shelving etc.

Check out our full loft packages options online today.

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How to prepare for loft boarding

What is the loft boarding?

Loft boarding or loft flooring is important for most of the properties as our day by day purchasing need to be store in a secure place. Some of the personal belongings, we use only once a year such as Christmas decoration and the tree. Some people have holiday items which need only during the holiday time. Big Cardboard boxes sometimes we do not want to throw away as we can guess it would be worth someday and also Books or some memorable things we need to store in somewhere. That is where loft boarding plays most important part in the property.

What we should know before getting it done the loft boarding:

There are few things we need to know before we get it done the loft boarding. Initially we need to check whether the property has any kind of condensation issues. Sometimes you will find the condensation issue in the loft. Some of those condensation can resolve during loft boarding by increasing ventilation but best advice to consult with someone who qualified in that industry.

Moreover, we need to know you have enough room to put loft boarding in your property. First thing you need to measure the height of your property then check the loft joist height the average joist heights are 70mm to 100mm. then need to add loft leg height approximately 300mm so total height is 370mm then you need to think is there enough height for someone to walk in side the loft once loft boarded or floored.

Check your joist distance:

It can measure easily. Take you tape measure and measure distance between joists. Mainly there are two sizes: 400mm and 600mm. most of the new build properties or most of the properties build in 1980 to now, you will find the 600mm between joists. However, if your property built in before 1980s most cases you will find 400mm joists.

Area you need to be boarded: this pays very important part when you loft boarding. Not all the houses may able to board loft. Example: some timber frame houses may struggle to find the area to board the loft. If someone boarding the loft, need to make sure whether you can enter that particular area to board the loft. If you hire professional, they will tell you if they can not install loft boarding in particular area.

Loft boarding

Loft boarding or loft flooring. Mainly using tongue and groove chipboard flooring boards so it come mainly two sizes. Small boards 1.22 *0.32m and large boards 2.4*.6m. so sometimes large boards may not able to get in to the loft due to small hatch, not enough space or other restrictions etc. furthermore, if you 600mm joist small boards may not suitable for you loft boarding project. However, you need to know large boards has tongue and groove in all four side of the boards and small boards has only two sides so if you use wrong loft boarding system with small boards it may week your loft floor system and make it dangerous for users and storage.

We highly recommend get advice or hire the professional before you do your loft boarding. If you have new build property you may lose your new build warranty by installing wrong loft boarding system.

Loft boarding for new build

Loft boarding for new build

Victorian installation can provide strongest raised loft boarding systems for new builds. Our systems won’t invalidate a NHBC new build house warranty. Most of the modern houses have higher level of existing loft insulation than old houses. Proper loft boarding never squashing the existing loft insulation. Raised loft boarding system maintain an air flow gap between loft boards and existing loft insulation.

From bungalow to new builds we can install following systems.

During the installation we do not  remove or compress existing  loft insulation. The  loft floor is built above the  level of insulation.

Loftzone system – BBA approved system

Raised beams that support a safe deck above your insulation. This award-winning raised loft boarding system that provides loft storage and safe access above the full depth of existing loft insulation. Suitable for both traditional and new buildings. Loftzone system only the product available with the necessary industry certification and award wining system.

Loft legs system – Tested by independent experts

Loft leg system suitable for new and old houses when the insulation is so higher above the existing joists.

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