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Loft Boarding in Surrey

Loft Boarding in Surrey

Victorian Insulation is one of the leading loft boarding companies operating in Surrey today and we’ve worked on many homes in the county over the last few years. With competitive prices and a free survey and quote for all customers, many installations can be completed within one day once the terms are agreed.

If you want to improve your loft area but don’t want to convert it into an additional room, raised loft boarding is the ideal solution. Not only does it protect your blanket loft insulation but it creates a lot more space for storage.

What is Loft Boarding?

Loft boarding essentially means creating a second floor for your attic area above the existing one. Most lofts are fairly precarious places with simple joists stretching across a fairly flimsy plaster ceiling. It’s not only difficult to navigate without standing on your insulation and flattening it but one false step and you can find yourself punching through to the bedroom below.

Loft boarding uses a framework of columns that attach to your existing joists and over which is then laid a new board floor. This is strong enough for you to stand on and can handle the weight of average household items. The gap between the new and old floor is also important. Your regulation thickness insulation can be placed between these and is properly protected at all times.

Why Choose Raised Loft Boarding for Your Surrey Home?

There are several advantages to loft boarding your Surrey home. The first is that it creates a whole new space that you can use for storage. That in turn should release extra valuable space in the rest of your home.

The loft is the perfect space – as long as it’s designed properly.

Another advantage is that a loft boarding service for your Surrey home is economical. It costs much less than a loft conversion and today’s systems are built to last. You can expect your raised loft boarding to remain durable for at least ten years if not much more – that’s why at Victorian Insulation all our installations come with a 10-year guarantee.

The other advantage of loft boarding comes from protecting your insulation and keeping your home snug and warm. With utility prices across the UK rising rapidly and bills reaching eye-watering levels, any way that you can reduce the costs is vital. Not only does raised loft boarding keep your insulation from being damaged, but the boarding itself also offers an extra layer to help keep you nice and warm.

Loft Boarding Companies Near Me in Surrey

Victorian Insulation provides an approved loft boarding service to all households in the Surrey area. We have many years of experience, delivering for a range of different property types including older buildings and new build properties.

Loft Boarding in Nottinghamshire

Loft Boarding in Nottinghamshire

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions then your Nottinghamshire home may well benefit from the installation of raised loft boarding.

What is a Loft Boarding Service?

Not everyone who has a loft wants to convert it into an extra room. This can be very costly, of course, with the average loft conversion costing in the region of £15,000. While this area of the home might not be your top priority, you can still make better use of that attic and improve your insulation at the same time at a reasonable cost.

Loft boarding involves creating a raised platform above the normal level of the floor. Your insulation goes into the gap in between the old and the new floor. The great news is you can safely walk on and it creates a whole new area where you can store things from your home.

If you’re sick of clutter making it difficult to move around your home, then a Nottinghamshire loft boarding service provides the perfect solution. It’s quick and easy to install, is delivered by a professional team and can make a big difference to your property.

The Benefits of Loft Boarding Your Nottinghamshire Home

We’re all likely to face big hikes in fuel bills over the next couple of years and we also all know that energy companies are quick to raise prices but slow to bring them down. Over time, traditional fibre insulation can get damaged when left out in the open, including from people stepping on it as they try to navigate the perils of that attic space.

The big benefit of using loft boarding companies is that your space is carefully assessed and the right products are used for the space. The insulation is protected in the gap between the new floor and the old one which means you don’t have to worry about replacing it if it gets damaged.

Loft boarding also provides an additional layer of insulation for your property and ensures that you have optimal levels of warmth in the home all year round.

In addition to this, you’ll suddenly find that you have a lot more space to store your possessions. Perhaps you want to put winter clothes up there, or children’s toys that are no longer used or paperwork for the family. A loft boarding service creates a clean and dry space that is perfect for storing absolutely anything, releasing up plenty of space in the rest of your home.

In addition, you have the option of having a ladder installed that makes getting to and from the attic as simple as possible.

Find Loft Boarding Near Me in Nottinghamshire

If you are looking for loft boarding companies in Nottinghamshire, the good news is that Victorian Insulations have an expert team ready to help and ready to go. We offer a free survey of your loft space and follow that up with a competitive quote for the work that needs to be done. If you decide you want to employ our services, we can normally install the loft boarding in about a day, depending on the type and size of the property.

In addition to this, we provide our Nottinghamshire customers with a 10-year guarantee which should give you complete peace of mind for the foreseeable future.

Want to find out more? Contact our Nottinghamshire loft boarding service today.

Loft Boarding in Leicestershire

Loft Boarding in Leicestershire

With the increasing cost of utility bills and prices set to rise again in the New Year, it’s extremely important to ensure that your loft area is properly insulated as well as fit for purpose. Doing so can mean that you save hundreds of pounds over a typical year.

In many Leicestershire homes, the loft is largely ignored – a place where some property is stored but which is rarely visited. This is essentially a waste of space that can be better utilised.

While the traditional way to insulate a loft is to lay down rolls of insulation, this can often get damaged and trampled on, especially if you use the area for storage. A much better solution for your Leicestershire home is raised loft boarding. It’s quick and convenient to install and has some significant benefits.

What is Raised Loft Boarding?

Boarding out a loft generally means installing an extra layer raised above the natural floor. In the gap that is created, you can fit your loft insulation. This is protected by the boarding on top, which means you can access your roof for a variety of reasons, including for storage. You can essentially walkabout to your heart’s content without worrying about damaging the insulation.

In most Leicestershire homes, the loft is quite a precarious area to walk around in any way. Not only do you have loft insulation up there but one false step can mean that you punch through the ceiling into the room below.

A loft boarding service will construct a ‘second’ floor which you can stand on quite happily without fear of causing any damage. It also gives you plenty of space to store stuff from your home.

Another benefit of installing loft boarding in your Leicestershire property is that it provides an added layer of insulation. Expertly installed with the roll fibre insulation beneath, you should be able to keep your home snug and warm at all times with less worry of rising fuel bills.

The Benefits of Loft Boarding for Your Leicestershire Home

The main benefit of raised loft boarding is that it creates a clean, additional space for your home and you can store anything you like up there. You can also opt to have a ladder installed at the same time which makes it easy to access your attic area.

The good news is a professionally installed loft boarding service in Leicestershire is just a phone call away. You can quickly get a free survey and quote for the work that needs to be undertaken, whether you have a small attic space or a large, spacious loft.

You could, of course, opt for DIY installation. Not only is this time consuming, some of the loft boarding products out there are not very high quality.

They are likely to attract damp and can quickly begin to degenerate, eventually meaning you have extra work on your hands to replace the boards. Our high-quality loft boarding service means that you get a product that is built to last, will protect your loft area and makes it easier to access. It should also significantly cut your utility bills at the same time.

Find Loft Boarding Companies Near Me in Leicestershire

Victorian insulation is an approved loft board installation team that knows how to deliver high quality to customers. The first thing we do is to offer a free survey of your Leicestershire loft space and a quote for the work that needs undertaking.

If you’re happy with that quote, work can begin pretty quickly. In most cases, the entire job can be completed within one day, after which you have a brand new loft area and plenty more space in your home.

Want to find out more? If you’re planning to have raised loft boarding installed in your Leicestershire property, call the professionals at Victorian Insulation today.

Loft Boarding in Birmingham

Loft Boarding in Birmingham

If you’re searching for a loft boarding service in Birmingham, finding the right company to partner with can be challenging.

You want a team that is experienced and used to installing loft boarding in homes similar to yours, but you also want to make sure that you get the best price.

Victorian Insulation is one of the leading loft boarding companies operating in the Birmingham area and all our staff are fully trained and highly experienced.

The Benefits of Raised Loft Boarding in Your Birmingham Home

One big challenge we all have coming over the next year or two is the prospect of rising energy prices, something many are going to find difficult to cope with.

With increasing inflation and wages not stretching as far as they should, doing all you can to save money is critical. That’s where a loft boarding solution can help.

Many lofts have traditional fibre roll insulation but this can get damaged and flattened over time making it less efficient and more costly to your household. Boarding a loft has the added advantage in that the insulation is placed below the structure and kept in pristine condition at all times because it is protected.

The other big advantage of boarding a loft is that it creates more space. If you find your home getting cluttered, as many people do, then you can put items up in the loft, secure in the knowledge that they are safe and easily accessible.

Of course, DIY boarding is an option but the materials available for these tend to be relatively poor quality. Having high-quality loft boarding professionally fitted in your Birmingham home makes sense – you can have complete peace of mind that it’s not only fit for purpose but built to last.

Things to Consider with Raised Loft Boarding

If you’re searching for a Birmingham loft boarding service then it pays to take your time and check out the company you’ll be dealing with properly. At Victorian Insulation, we have many years of experience and are adept at dealing with all types of domestic properties including new builds and older constructions. We’ll be able to advise on the best approach and give you a competitive quote for the work that needs to be undertaken.

One of the key issues with boarding a loft is that you are adding extra weight to the structure. In most homes, this is not too much of a problem but it certainly pays to use a company that knows what they are doing. The good news is that you don’t need any planning permission to have loft boarding installed in your Birmingham home and adding a loft ladder at the same time means you can get easy access to the attic as and when you need it.

Installing loft boarding to your home increases the insulation you have and should help reduce those growing utility bills over time. You may find, for example, that you can turn your thermostat down a few degrees and save a considerable amount of money in the process without affecting your comfort levels.

Why Choose Victorian Insulation for Your Loft Boarding in Birmingham

We’re an approved installer for loft insulation and loft boarding in Birmingham and we’ve got a good few years of experience delivering high-quality work to our customers. Not only do we offer a 10-year guarantee to give you complete peace of mind but we provide a free survey and quote as well. We can also have the work completed in 1 day in most cases.

Find Loft Boarding Companies Near Me

If you’re searching for a reputable loft boarding service in Birmingham, contact the team at Victorian Insulation today.

The key benefits of choosing loft boarding in your home

The key benefits of choosing loft boarding in your home

Lofts are always an odd part of your home. You know it is up there, but unless it has a purpose, then the chances are that you will never make an effort to go up there. This means that this ample space in your home becomes a bit wasted.

Sure, you can pay to have a loft conversion that will turn your loft space into a useable part of your home. But, what about if this isn’t something that you can consider?

For those who need an alternative, there is loft boarding. But why is loft boarding something that you may want to choose for your home?

What is loft boarding?

As the name suggests, loft boarding is when large wooden boards are attached to the floor space in your loft. These are fitted by a professional and are held in place. They can hold a lot of weight, which means that you can then walk on the floor of your roof without having to worry that you will fall through.

What are the main benefits of loft boarding?

There are several reasons you should consider having loft boarding in your home.

The first is that it increases the floor space that you have. In fact, it is thought that it can add as much as 50% more floor space than you already have.

This floor space can then be transformed into storage, which means that you will be able to declutter the rest of your home and have more room to live in.

Another great thing about loft boarding is that it helps to reduce heat loss. It traps in the warm air, stopping it from leaving through the roof and then reducing the amount of money you have to pay for your energy bills.

Loft boarding also adds value to your home because it is changing the amount of space you can use and, in turn, makes it a more desirable option for those looking to buy a home that they can stay in the long term.

You can also have loft boarding in various property types, and it is allowed within the warranty guidelines that apply to new builds.

Now you know more about the benefits of boarding out a loft, you can start to think about arranging loft boarding in your home. There are many different loft boarding companies out there, but if you want to ensure that you choose the very best loft boarding companies near me, you will be pleased to know that we are amongst the best loft boarding in Berkshire.

So, why not get in touch with us now and learn more about how we can help you transform your loft space and gain more room in your home? We know that we will be able to help you feel a whole lot better about your home in no time at all.

Installing Loft Boarding Over Insulation

Installing loft boarding over insulation

When you ask a professional loft boarding service to install loft boarding in your home, it will seem like a relatively straightforward process. However, you need to consider and think about many things when it comes to installing loft boarding in your loft space.

One of the primary considerations is how loft boarding works with insulation. Insulation is recommended for homes as it can help to stop around 25% of your heat through the roof if it is up to the standard. This means that your home will feel warm, and your energy bills will be significantly reduced.

The thing about loft insulation is that it needs to be 270mm thick for your home to be at the right temperature. However, this can mean that it is thicker than the loft joists, which can have an impact on having loft boarding installed in your home.

This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to do; it just means that you need to speak to a professional loft board company to help to decide how best to approach what you need.

Check the insulation first

Imagine having loft boarding installed into your home, only to find that your insulation is out of date and needs replacing? This means it is a much better idea to check you have sufficient levels of insulation (and the right type) before you go ahead with the boarding of your loft. That way, you won’t have to worry about it being replaced.

Use raised loft boarding

The main answer to having loft boarding installed over insulation is using raised boarding rather than standing boards used for boarding out a loft. Raised loft boarding will not squash the insulation you have installed, which means there will still be around the right level of airflow and ventilation.

Choose the right company

One important thing to do when it comes to having your loft boarded is to make sure that you choose a professional company to carry out the insulation. That way, you know that they are going to not only use the right quality of materials, but they are also going to understand how best to go about installing the boards too.

They will know that you should never install the loft boards onto the joists and that they need to allow space between the boards and the insulation for the air to flow properly between the two.

In doing this, they reduce the risk of dampness developing in your loft and that your insulation can work as it should.

If you want to make sure that you have the right level of loft boarding in your home, then find a loft boarding service that you can trust. If you live in London, then loft boarding in London gives you plenty of choices, and you can make sure that you find a service that you know will help you to make the most of every space in your home.

Shall I choose a loft conversion or loft boarding?

Shall I choose a loft conversion or loft boarding?

No matter how big your home is, sometimes it can feel that you don’t have enough space. For some people, this may be something that they can live with; however, for others, there is a need to try and find more space in far-flung spots in your property.

There are various ways to do this, and one of the most popular is to use your loft space and transform this empty part of your home into a usable space.

When it comes to changing your loft space, you can either convert the entire loft or use what is known as loft boarding.

To help you decide which one is right for you, we have put together our guide to choosing between a loft conversion and loft boarding.

What is loft boarding?

When you convert your loft space, you take the entire space and change what it is used for. You could turn your existing loft into a bedroom, a home office or even a playroom. This may make the most sense to you. However, a loft conversion means that you need to think about various other aspects, such as having ventilation, insulation, fire escapes and any other safety features.

Loft boarding does not give you a functional room, but by installing the raised boarding in your loft, you are giving yourself some more storage space, which means that you can free up other spaces in your home to be more functional.

What are the benefits of loft boarding compared to loft conversions?

Wondering whether or not loft boarding is the right choice for you? Here are some of the main benefits for you to consider.

Of course, the primary benefit of loft boarding is giving you some much-needed storage space. Raised loft boarding can increase your storage space by as much as 50%, which will be good news for you.

Another great thing about loft boarding is that it is safe to walk on. If you already use your loft space for storage, then you may already be aware of just how frustrating it is to have to balance on the beams as you walk around up there. You don’t have to worry about this with loft boards as you have a safe space to stand on.

You will also be pleased to know that loft boarding is cheaper when compared to a complete loft conversion. There is a cost associated with having this (and you need to ensure that you find a professional loft boarding installation company to install the boards in your home); however, this will be much cheaper than a complete loft conversion.

A final consideration for those thinking about loft boarding in their home is the added benefit of it being energy efficient. It will help keep your home warm by having up to standard loft insulation in the colder months and cooler in the summer months, which will have the benefit of reducing your energy bills.

If you are looking for loft boarding in Bedfordshire, we can help you. As a dedicated and professional loft boarding service, our teamwork throughout the Bedfordshire area, assisting clients in all types of houses to ensure that they can have raised loft boarding in their home with up to the standard loft insulation.