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The loft ladder industry has a few types of loft ladders, and there are different manufacturers. Some properties may be able to fix all types of loft ladders, but some properties’ lofts are not suitable for any ladders other than portable loft ladders. Loft ladder prices may vary depending on the type of loft ladder and may start from £200 to £5000. Firstly, you need to check which loft ladders are suitable for your property and then select your preference.

Main Types of Loft Ladders Available in the Industry

No matter what type of loft ladder is installed at your property, most of the loft ladders come with a 150-kg weight capacity and a maximum 3-metre height. If you need a ladder different than this, you can still find some ladders, but they are limited.

2-Section Ladder and 3-Section Aluminium Loft Ladders

These types of loft ladders can be found in the industry, and this is the most famous and low-cost ladder type. Low cost does not mean a ladder has poor quality, and this is a lightweight loft ladder. There are many manufacturers for those loft ladders, depending on the manufacturing quality, which may vary. The loft ladder needs space inside the loft for storage and a clear space of around 1 metre, depending on the ladder.

Concertina Loft Ladders

This ladder helps solve problems that mostly restrict loft access to properties. The ladder is sitting on top of the loft hatch but is not attached to the loft hatch. Some of those loft ladders may be able to move and have wheels on them. So when passing large boxes, by moving the loft ladder back, you can gain more space for your storing items. In addition to that, you may be able to position the loft ladder at the angle you like.

Telescopic Loft Ladder

The ladder feels steady when going up and down. Some space is needed inside the loft for storage, but that is very little.

Wooden Loft Ladder

Most of those loft ladders come with a loft hatch and ladder together. The average opening length is 1 metre to 1.2 metres. Loft ladders are very convenient to use, and those ladders come in electric remote control versions as well. The ladder is not suitable for restricted access areas as it comes with a large access area.

DIY Loft Ladder Installation

Can I install a loft ladder myself?

Most loft ladders nowadays come with an instruction guide. For some loft ladders, you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions and install them, but in some scenarios, the manufacturer’s instructions are not enough to install loft ladders. If you decide to install a loft ladder on your own, please check the installation manual before purchasing a loft ladder and check that your loft weather ladder is suitable for your property. You can then install that. Nowadays, instruction manuals can be found online. Please note that in some cases, you may need to do additional work. For example, some houses’ loft hatches are push-up systems; once you fit a loft ladder, that hatch is not able to be fitted, and you may need to fit a downward-opening loft hatch. Also, you need the correct tools, and sometimes additional materials are needed than what comes with a ladder pack.

How much does it cost to fit loft ladders?

2-section lad 3-section Aluminium Loft Ladders

DIY will cost you from £90 to £500 and supply and fit service will cost you from £150 to £700.

Concertina Loft Ladders

DIY project will cost you from £180 to £2000 and a professional loft ladder installer supply and fit service will cost £450 to £2500.

Telescopic Loft Ladder

DIY will cost from £250 to £650 and supply and fit service will cost £450 to £1000.

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