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What is the loft boarding?

Loft boarding or loft flooring is important for most of the properties as our day by day purchasing need to be store in a secure place. Some of the personal belongings, we use only once a year such as Christmas decoration and the tree. Some people have holiday items which need only during the holiday time. Big Cardboard boxes sometimes we do not want to throw away as we can guess it would be worth someday and also Books or some memorable things we need to store in somewhere. That is where loft boarding plays most important part in the property.

What we should know before getting it done the loft boarding:

There are few things we need to know before we get it done the loft boarding. Initially we need to check whether the property has any kind of condensation issues. Sometimes you will find the condensation issue in the loft. Some of those condensation can resolve during loft boarding by increasing ventilation but best advice to consult with someone who qualified in that industry.

Moreover, we need to know you have enough room to put loft boarding in your property. First thing you need to measure the height of your property then check the loft joist height the average joist heights are 70mm to 100mm. then need to add loft leg height approximately 300mm so total height is 370mm then you need to think is there enough height for someone to walk in side the loft once loft boarded or floored.

Check your joist distance:

It can measure easily. Take you tape measure and measure distance between joists. Mainly there are two sizes: 400mm and 600mm. most of the new build properties or most of the properties build in 1980 to now, you will find the 600mm between joists. However, if your property built in before 1980s most cases you will find 400mm joists.

Area you need to be boarded: this pays very important part when you loft boarding. Not all the houses may able to board loft. Example: some timber frame houses may struggle to find the area to board the loft. If someone boarding the loft, need to make sure whether you can enter that particular area to board the loft. If you hire professional, they will tell you if they can not install loft boarding in particular area.

Loft boarding

Loft boarding or loft flooring. Mainly using tongue and groove chipboard flooring boards so it come mainly two sizes. Small boards 1.22 *0.32m and large boards 2.4*.6m. so sometimes large boards may not able to get in to the loft due to small hatch, not enough space or other restrictions etc. furthermore, if you 600mm joist small boards may not suitable for you loft boarding project. However, you need to know large boards has tongue and groove in all four side of the boards and small boards has only two sides so if you use wrong loft boarding system with small boards it may week your loft floor system and make it dangerous for users and storage.

We highly recommend get advice or hire the professional before you do your loft boarding. If you have new build property you may lose your new build warranty by installing wrong loft boarding system.