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Installing loft boarding over insulation

When you ask a professional loft boarding service to install loft boarding in your home, it will seem like a relatively straightforward process. However, you need to consider and think about many things when it comes to installing loft boarding in your loft space.

One of the primary considerations is how loft boarding works with insulation. Insulation is recommended for homes as it can help to stop around 25% of your heat through the roof if it is up to the standard. This means that your home will feel warm, and your energy bills will be significantly reduced.

The thing about loft insulation is that it needs to be 270mm thick for your home to be at the right temperature. However, this can mean that it is thicker than the loft joists, which can have an impact on having loft boarding installed in your home.

This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to do; it just means that you need to speak to a professional loft board company to help to decide how best to approach what you need.

Check the insulation first

Imagine having loft boarding installed into your home, only to find that your insulation is out of date and needs replacing? This means it is a much better idea to check you have sufficient levels of insulation (and the right type) before you go ahead with the boarding of your loft. That way, you won’t have to worry about it being replaced.

Use raised loft boarding

The main answer to having loft boarding installed over insulation is using raised boarding rather than standing boards used for boarding out a loft. Raised loft boarding will not squash the insulation you have installed, which means there will still be around the right level of airflow and ventilation.

Choose the right company

One important thing to do when it comes to having your loft boarded is to make sure that you choose a professional company to carry out the insulation. That way, you know that they are going to not only use the right quality of materials, but they are also going to understand how best to go about installing the boards too.

They will know that you should never install the loft boards onto the joists and that they need to allow space between the boards and the insulation for the air to flow properly between the two.

In doing this, they reduce the risk of dampness developing in your loft and that your insulation can work as it should.

If you want to make sure that you have the right level of loft boarding in your home, then find a loft boarding service that you can trust. If you live in London, then loft boarding in London gives you plenty of choices, and you can make sure that you find a service that you know will help you to make the most of every space in your home.