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    Loft Boarding in

    According to Plumplot Bedford area has total residents of 682k as professional and experience team we are happy to help your community

    Victorian Insulation is one of the leading loft boarding companies in Bedford. Over the last few years, we’ve helped many homeowners better insulate their lofts, reducing heat loss while creating valuable space for storage.

    Loft Boarding Service - Bilston | Loft Boarding

    Why Choose Our Loft Barding Service In Bedford?

    For all our customers in Bedford, we offer a free loft boarding survey along with a no-obligation quote for the work. If you decide to choose Victorian Insulation, our team will book a date to install the loft boarding and, in most cases, the work will be completed within a day.

    That means your home will immediately see the benefits of better insulation and you’ll have much more storage space to play with. In addition to our raised loft boarding service in Bedford, you can get a new loft ladder installed for your property, making access even easier.

    Loft Boarding Near Me Bedford

    Whatever type of home you own, Victorian Insulation offers a premier loft boarding service at a competitive price for all residents in Bedford. Contact our expert team today to book a survey.

    Traditional Properties loft boarding service

    Contact us to find out most suitable loft boarding system for your pre 1980 build property.

    New & Traditional Property -Loft Boarding

    Contact us to find out most suitable loft boarding system for your new build or property build within 1980 to now.


    Loft Shelving for properties

    Loft shelving

    Maximise your loft space’s potential with our innovative loft shelving solutions, creating organised and functional storage for your home like never before.

    Loft Ladder installation for domestic or commercial properties

    Loft Ladder

    Having a good quality loft ladder makes gaining access into your loft easy, avoiding any unexpected accidents or damage to you or your property.

    installing Loft Insulation

    Loft Insulation

    We know the exact standards that need to be in any loft installation, so by choosing us you will receive loft insulation services to the highest quality.

    Loft Lighting installation

    Lighting & Safety

    Extremely bright battery powered LED loft light, equivalent to 32W bulb, with highly visible extra-long pull string to illuminate dark spaces with ease.

    Loft Clearance service

    Loft Clearance

    We are happy to announce we can provide loft emptying and clearance services if you are getting any other loft services from us.

    Loft Hatches installation service in Bedford

    Loft Hatches

    We can fit you any kind of loft hatches for your requirement. Whether you need relocation, enlargement.

    Balustrades & Grab Rails in Bedford

    Balustrades & Grab Rails

    By installing Balustrades & Grab Rails, you can seriously increase the safety when it comes to accessing your loft.

    Dust Protecting loft lining

    Loft Lining

    Having loft lining helps you to protect your belonging from debris and dust seeping through into your loft, especially in properties without felt cover.

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