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Loft Boarding in Leicestershire

With the increasing cost of utility bills and prices set to rise again in the New Year, it’s extremely important to ensure that your loft area is properly insulated as well as fit for purpose. Doing so can mean that you save hundreds of pounds over a typical year.

In many Leicestershire homes, the loft is largely ignored – a place where some property is stored but which is rarely visited. This is essentially a waste of space that can be better utilised.

While the traditional way to insulate a loft is to lay down rolls of insulation, this can often get damaged and trampled on, especially if you use the area for storage. A much better solution for your Leicestershire home is raised loft boarding. It’s quick and convenient to install and has some significant benefits.

What is Raised Loft Boarding?

Boarding out a loft generally means installing an extra layer raised above the natural floor. In the gap that is created, you can fit your loft insulation. This is protected by the boarding on top, which means you can access your roof for a variety of reasons, including for storage. You can essentially walkabout to your heart’s content without worrying about damaging the insulation.

In most Leicestershire homes, the loft is quite a precarious area to walk around in any way. Not only do you have loft insulation up there but one false step can mean that you punch through the ceiling into the room below.

A loft boarding service will construct a ‘second’ floor which you can stand on quite happily without fear of causing any damage. It also gives you plenty of space to store stuff from your home.

Another benefit of installing loft boarding in your Leicestershire property is that it provides an added layer of insulation. Expertly installed with the roll fibre insulation beneath, you should be able to keep your home snug and warm at all times with less worry of rising fuel bills.

The Benefits of Loft Boarding for Your Leicestershire Home

The main benefit of raised loft boarding is that it creates a clean, additional space for your home and you can store anything you like up there. You can also opt to have a ladder installed at the same time which makes it easy to access your attic area.

The good news is a professionally installed loft boarding service in Leicestershire is just a phone call away. You can quickly get a free survey and quote for the work that needs to be undertaken, whether you have a small attic space or a large, spacious loft.

You could, of course, opt for DIY installation. Not only is this time consuming, some of the loft boarding products out there are not very high quality.

They are likely to attract damp and can quickly begin to degenerate, eventually meaning you have extra work on your hands to replace the boards. Our high-quality loft boarding service means that you get a product that is built to last, will protect your loft area and makes it easier to access. It should also significantly cut your utility bills at the same time.

Find Loft Boarding Companies Near Me in Leicestershire

Victorian insulation is an approved loft board installation team that knows how to deliver high quality to customers. The first thing we do is to offer a free survey of your Leicestershire loft space and a quote for the work that needs undertaking.

If you’re happy with that quote, work can begin pretty quickly. In most cases, the entire job can be completed within one day, after which you have a brand new loft area and plenty more space in your home.

Want to find out more? If you’re planning to have raised loft boarding installed in your Leicestershire property, call the professionals at Victorian Insulation today.