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    Enhance Your Insulation

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    Create Extra Storage Space

    Create Extra Storage Space

    Add Value To Your Home

    Add Value To Your Home

    Suitable For Old and New Builds

    Suitable For Old & New Builds

    Fully Trained Installers for Loft Boarding and loft ladder fitting services

    Full Trained Installers

    Fully Insured Loft Boarding company

    Fully Insured

    1 Day Install On Average Loft Boarding projects

    1 Day Install On Average

    Loft Insulation services in Peterborough

    We are combination of professional surveyors and fitters that is why we became an industry leading loft service company in Peterborough. Prior to loft insulation being installed one of our surveyors or project manager will call you to arrange the survey visit and will carry out a survey to determine the suitability of the property for loft insulation. Our professional will assess the other issues including ventilation, access and the loft floor. Before arrange the work our team member will request that all storage items remove from the loft. In the most cases removing your old insulation is not necessary and it can leave as it is and can top up the additional layer to up to standard and current building regulations recommend a depth of at least 270mm in the loft. According to home owners request we can install your required material like glass mineral wool , sheep wool , rockwool etc and whether you require full installation or merely a top -up, we can give you best advise as your local loft installer.

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    Loft Boarding Service Peterborough | Loft Boarding Specialist

    Loft boarding, Loft insulation and loft ladder fitting services near me in Peterborough

    A loft is usually consider as a dark unusable space to hide some unwanted stuff but with our expert help we can turn your unusable loft in to part of your storage space in your home. Victorian Loft boarding specialist here to help you those who are living in Peterborough, We are your local loft fitters and you can get best and affordable loft quote from us because we can offer you variety of loft boarding systems as we install all most all of the loft boarding systems in the industry and most of the companies do not offer that kind of options . By getting done loft insulation and proper loft boarding system can save homeowners a great deal of money on their heating bills and significantly reduce their CO2 emissions. Mainly we use tongue and grove chipboards for loft flooring which is 18mm thickness and few other solution as well as based on your requirements and suitability we can arrange budget friendly loft insulation and boarding solutions for you. This will enhance your loft and make full use of this storage facility in your property.

    Professional loft Ladder fitting service in Peterborough

    Do you want quick, easy and safe access to your attic? We can install loft ladders to allow fast access to your loft. If you think installing a loft ladder would be a simple DIY task but it’s not that is why our skilled and experienced team coming to help you. We have number of ladder and hatch options such as Telescopic ladders, Concertina loft ladders, Wooden Loft ladders and Aluminium Loft Ladders suit to your requirements, suitability of the property considering internal restrictions and fit for your budget. When one of our professional team member visit your property for survey you can discuss your requirements then he will advise you accordingly on the most appropriate ladder for your particular needs and also as a home owner you can consider ladder safety, durability, usability and value of money. Why waiting just call us to arrange your FREE no obligation survey today.

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    Old Properties Peterborough | Loft Boarding Specialist

    Contact us to find out most suitable loft boarding system for your pre 1980 build property.

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    New & Old Property Peterborough | Loft Boarding Specialist

    Contact us to find out most suitable loft boarding system for your new build or property build within 1980 to now.

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    Loft Shelving System Peterborough | Loft Boarding Specialist

    Loft shelving

    Maximise your loft space’s potential with our innovative loft shelving solutions, creating organised and functional storage for your home like never before.

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    Loft Ladders Peterborough | Loft Boarding Specialist

    Loft Ladder

    Having a good quality loft ladder makes gaining access into your loft easy, avoiding any unexpected accidents or damage to you or your property.

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    Loft Insulation Peterborough | Loft Boarding Specialist

    Loft Insulation

    We know the exact standards that need to be in any loft installation, so by choosing us you will receive loft insulation services to the highest quality.

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    Loft Lighting Peterborough | Loft Boarding

    Lighting & Safety

    Extremely bright battery powered LED loft light, equivalent to 32W bulb, with highly visible extra-long pull string to illuminate dark spaces with ease.

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    Loft Clearance Peterborough | Loft Boarding

    Loft Clearance

    We are happy to announce we can provide loft emptying and clearance services if you are getting any other loft services from us.

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    Loft Hatches Peterborough | Loft Boarding

    Loft Hatches

    We can fit you any kind of loft hatches for your requirement. Whether you need relocation, enlargement.

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    Balustrades & Grab Rails Peterborough | Loft Boarding

    Balustrades & Grab Rails

    By installing Balustrades & Grab Rails, you can seriously increase the safety when it comes to accessing your loft.

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    Dust Protector Peterborough | Loft Boarding

    Loft Lining

    Having loft lining helps you to protect your belonging from debris and dust seeping through into your loft, especially in properties without felt cover.

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