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Loft Boarding in Surrey

Victorian Insulation is one of the leading loft boarding companies operating in Surrey today and we’ve worked on many homes in the county over the last few years. With competitive prices and a free survey and quote for all customers, many installations can be completed within one day once the terms are agreed.

If you want to improve your loft area but don’t want to convert it into an additional room, raised loft boarding is the ideal solution. Not only does it protect your blanket loft insulation but it creates a lot more space for storage.

What is Loft Boarding?

Loft boarding essentially means creating a second floor for your attic area above the existing one. Most lofts are fairly precarious places with simple joists stretching across a fairly flimsy plaster ceiling. It’s not only difficult to navigate without standing on your insulation and flattening it but one false step and you can find yourself punching through to the bedroom below.

Loft boarding uses a framework of columns that attach to your existing joists and over which is then laid a new board floor. This is strong enough for you to stand on and can handle the weight of average household items. The gap between the new and old floor is also important. Your regulation thickness insulation can be placed between these and is properly protected at all times.

Why Choose Raised Loft Boarding for Your Surrey Home?

There are several advantages to loft boarding your Surrey home. The first is that it creates a whole new space that you can use for storage. That in turn should release extra valuable space in the rest of your home.

The loft is the perfect space – as long as it’s designed properly.

Another advantage is that a loft boarding service for your Surrey home is economical. It costs much less than a loft conversion and today’s systems are built to last. You can expect your raised loft boarding to remain durable for at least ten years if not much more – that’s why at Victorian Insulation all our installations come with a 10-year guarantee.

The other advantage of loft boarding comes from protecting your insulation and keeping your home snug and warm. With utility prices across the UK rising rapidly and bills reaching eye-watering levels, any way that you can reduce the costs is vital. Not only does raised loft boarding keep your insulation from being damaged, but the boarding itself also offers an extra layer to help keep you nice and warm.

Loft Boarding Companies Near Me in Surrey

Victorian Insulation provides an approved loft boarding service to all households in the Surrey area. We have many years of experience, delivering for a range of different property types including older buildings and new build properties.