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How we deal with the coronavirus (covid-19)

VICTORIAN INSULATION, we take the safety and care of our customers and of our staff very seriously. Which is why we want to give you an insight into the daily steps we take, as well as the additional steps we are taking, to be extra vigilant amid growing concerns around the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Our Team
  • Our team are double cleansing their hands at all appropriate times during the day and although we are an extremely customer focused firm, we suggest that handshakes are eliminated for the time being
  • Daily, we are also monitoring our staff travel ensuring that anyone who has visited an area of high risk is taking the recommended steps to protect those around them
  • Every morning we updates all our staff members latest news what we received from NHS, Government and other Local sources as keep updating is key point to prevent this virus.
As a business we are committed to try and ensure ‘business as usual’ wherever possible also we have a long-term relationship with our suppliers and that will help us to continue our service and minimise disruption to our customers.
If there is anything you are unsure about, please speak to our staff who are there to assist.
Thank you for your support and commitment to the health and well-being of our community – together, we can look after each other during these challenging times.
Victorian Insulation Team
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  Packages from: £450  LOFT BOARDING SYSTEMS

Professional Loft Boarding, Loft Ladder and Loft Insulation Services in Buckinghamshire

Victorian Insulation offer a full range of loft boarding services including loft ladders, loft insulation, loft hatch etc

Raised Loft Boarding is the correct way to do loft boarding with latest loft insulation standard

The latest loft insulation standard for domestic properties is a 270mm thinness. For instance someone placed loft boards direct into the joists. Therefor loft insulation thickness will be approximately 100mm. For the reason that average joists Height is 100mm and that is a wrong way of doing loft boarding. Victorian insulation and loft boarding specialist provide high quality loft boarding service in most part of the UK and we got a raised loft boarding system will increase floor height up to latest loft insulation standard and avoid squish loft insulation and it will help loft insulation to provide maximum savings and comfort for your property.

Loft Boarding for new Buildings

Loft Boarding for New Buildings is important part when come to storage space. Some of the new build has loft insulation thickness up to 350mm Height, our raised loft boarding for new buildings design for 350mm thickness loft insulation too.

Latest standard of loft boarding system for any property


We have systems to install any houses if that house suitable to loft boarding. we are specialized in new build properties and properties build from 1980 to now or pre 1980 houses.

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Raised loft floor icon

  we are installing industry leading loft boarding systems: “loft zone raised loft boarding system” and “loftleg raised loft boarding system”.

Moreover, the loft boarding system depend on customer’s requirements, suitability of the property and suitability of the system. therefore, we became a NO 1 loft boarding company who installing most suitable loft boarding system for any property. 

So, with us you will get exactly suitable loft boarding system in your property

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All our products are made in the UK


Flexible payment plans available. * * * *

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Award wining energy assessors free advice.

Why Choose a Victorian Loft Specialist?

We are not only a loft installation service. But also we are constantly researching and designing loft hatches and boarding systems to keep up with the latest technology. Therefore we become a high stranded loft boarding company in UK.

What we are provide?

 In addition to that we provide high standard loft hatch fitting service and loft ladder installation in the UK most geographical area. We also worked with the government to install their energy saving product, and we are an approved installer for insulation measures, including loft insulation as well.

Our fitters

All our fitters are well trained and experienced in their field, with a vast knowledge of the latest industry standards.

Always up to date

We are constantly using the latest and best loft boarding systems in the market and we will work to find the most suitable system for your loft. We only use Raised Loft Boarding, as this is the only system suitable for loft insulation with 270mm thickness – which is the latest loft insulation standard. As our loft insulation fitting services are approved and latest government standard.


Balustrades & Grab Rails

By installing Balustrades & Grab Rails, you can seriously increase the safety when it comes to accessing your loft.

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Loft Hatches

We can fit you any kind of loft hatches for your requirement. Whether you need relocation, enlargement.

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Loft Insulation

We know the exact standards that need to be in any loft installation, so by choosing us you will receive loft insulation services to the highest quality.

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Loft Ladder

Having a good quality loft ladder makes gaining access in to your loft easy; avoiding any unexpected accidents or damage to you or your property.

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Loft Clearance & Cleaning

We are happy to announce we are able to provide loft emptying and clearance services if you are getting any other loft services from us.

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Lighting & Safety

Extremely bright battery powered LED loft light, equivalent to 32W bulb, with highly visible extra long pull string to illuminate dark spaces with ease

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Loft Lining & Trim

Having loft lining helps you to protect your belonging from debris and dust seeping through into your loft, especially in properties without felt cover.

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Loft shelving

Having loft lining helps you to protect your belonging from debris and dust seeping through into your loft, especially in properties without felt cover. By having any of our lining systems, you can protect your belongings from dirt coming in from outside the home.

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