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    Create Extra Storage Space

    Create Extra Storage Space

    Suitable For Old and New Builds

    Suitable For Old & New Builds

    1 Day Install On Average Loft Boarding projects

    1 Day Install On Average

    Flexible Payment plans for Loft Boarding service

    Flexible Payment

    Fully Insured Loft Boarding company

    Fully Insured

    Fully Trained Installers for Loft Boarding and loft ladder fitting services

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    Raised Loft Boarding Service

    Reasons To Board Your Loft:

    As day to day our purchases increase, we are seeking space to store our personal belongings. By renting extra storage space we need to pay higher prices and it will increase time to time. Buying garden storage unit also expensive and cannot store lots of stuff and it not convenient as it need to keep on outside of the property. Your loft is a valuable area where you can create a safe storage space in your house while keeping up with loft insulation standards.

    Loft insulation is the low-cost way to make your loft energy efficient. Many houses already have loft insulation, but the question is does it meet the latest standards, and has the installation been carried out properly? The current standard of loft insulation is to ensure its 270mm thick. In most cases, the insulation will be within the first layer between the joists, while the second layer will be a cross layer. Once your loft insulation is up to the latest standards, you’ll notice the difference straight away. You’ll also:

    Benefits of Raised Loft Boarding

    Easy storage Solutions.

    Increase the overall value of your property.

    Prevent heat Loss.

    Money save on self storage no more external storage.

    Rent out your Loft space for storage (Stashbee)

    Save money from your energy bills.

    However, newbuild properties nowadays has around 350 mm loft insulation and older properties insulation standards increase to 270 mm thickness, raised loft boarding is the correct way of boarding lofts

    What Is The Raised Loft Boarding?

    Insulation is a valuable part play in saving energy in domestic and commercial properties. When come to loft insulation latest standard for existing domestic properties u-value is 0.16 W/(m²K). that is equal to 270 mm thickness of glass mineral wool loft insulation and new build may go up to 350mm -400 mm thickness of glass mineral wool loft insulation. In however, if you are thinking insulate your loft with any other types of insulation such as sheep wool, rock wool, recycled plastic insulation or any other types of loft insulation material then thickness of insulation reverent may change and that depend on product u-value. Therefore, when boarding loft with latest standard loft insulation, we need to raided loft flooring system over the insulation to provide loft insulation to do their job properly.

    Benefits of Raised Boarding

    Raised loft boarding is the suitable system for up-to-date loft insulation standards. As all lofts are not same, we will find most suitable raised loft boarding system for your property.

    • Designed to protect 270mm insulation.
    • Protects energy savings.
    • Suitable for all most all accessible loft.
    • No risk of dampness.
    • No need to squash or remove your insulation.

    Types For Loft Boarding

    There are few types of loft boarding in the industry. 3 main types normally use in the industry. Mainly loft zone loft boarding system and loft leg loft boarding system use in most of the properties in last 5 years. Those two systems help to raise the system over the latest standard insulations. They mainly made from recycle plastics. Both systems help to maintain air circulation in loft boarding system, you can put approximately 350mm insulation with those loft boarding systems. Therefore, those systems are common loft boarding systems in the industry.

    3 rd system is wood beam loft boarding system. Basically, installing wood beams top of the existing joist and chipboards installing on it. This bit old version of loft boarding and we can find this system in properties has loft boarded around 10 or plus years. However, some properties have head hight restrictions normally use this system. Moreover, garages are mainly benefit from this system when comes to loft boarding as they normally don’t have any insulation.

    Types Of Loft Boarding Systems We Use:

    Loft Boarding | Loft Boarding

    Loft zone raised loft boarding

    Loft zone loft boarding system
    BBA approved raised loft boarding System

    Loft Boarding | Loft Boarding

    Loft Leg Loft Boarding

    Independently tested raised loft boarding system

    Loft Boarding | Loft Boarding

    Loft Wood Beam Loft Boarding

    Old loft boarding system. This method still benefit for low head height lofts & garages.

    Loft Boarding Suitability For Properties?

    When come to the loft boarding suitability for the properties age is very important. Age and types of the properties can divide for many different types mainly there are 2 different age groups. That is basically pre and post 1980. Most of the pre 1980 properties has approximately 400mm joist and post 1980 has approximately 600mm joist. However, base of property structure, age, customer requirements and suitability we choose most suitable loft boarding system for property.

    Old Properties - Bilston | Loft Boarding

    Contact us to find out most suitable loft boarding system for your pre 1980 build property.

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    New & Old Property - Bilston | Loft Boarding

    Contact us to find out most suitable loft boarding system for your new build or property build within 1980 to now.

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    Can you board straight onto loft joists?

    Fixing boards straight onto loft joists is not recommended. The insulation standard of the domestic property is 270mm. if ceiling joist visible in any loft meant that property not insulated correct standard. Recommended to insulated up to latest standard and make raised loft flooring get loft boarded over insulation and keep are the gap between the insulation and loft flooring.

    Can I walk on loft boards?

    Walking inside the loft is a bit dangerous if you don’t have experience with how to do it correctly. If someone steps on the old type of ceiling or plasterboard could cause damage to the ceiling of the property and it may cause death for a person. As a professional company we recommend using a loft board and fixing that board to the joist before stepping on it otherwise it may slip. Fixing raised loft boarding systems fulfil this requirement and that is the latest standard way of doing it.

    How long does it take to board a loft?

    Duration to boarding a loft depends on the system use, height of the loft and structure of the loft. If the property with new build trusses, there is more cutting on boards. Experienced Two people team in New Build property with new build trusses average 30m2 may take 10-12 hours and If its traditional property it may take 6-8 hours.

    Can you lay loft boards on top of insulation?

    Laying loft boards on top of the insulation layer may cause many issues as it may squash the insulation, if it squash, it may not save your heating as it used to be that resulting in extra cost to run the heating system and loose comfort of the property. Furthermore, laying loft boards on top of the insulation could cause condensation issues therefore recommend board over the insulation with an area gap between insulation and loft boards.


    We are not only a loft installation service, but we are constantly researching and designing loft hatches and boarding systems to keep up with the latest technology. Therefore, we become a high stranded loft boarding company in the UK. In addition to that, we provide a high standard loft hatch fitting service and loft ladder installation in the UK most geographical area. We also worked with the government to install their energy-saving product, and we were an approved installer for insulation measures, including loft insulation. All our fitters are well trained and experienced in their field, with a vast knowledge of the latest industry standards. We are constantly using the latest and best loft boarding systems in the market, and we will work to find the most suitable system for your loft. We only use Raised Loft Boarding, as this is the only system suitable for loft insulation with 270mm thickness – which is the latest loft insulation standard. As our loft insulation fitting services are approved and the latest government standard


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